This is legitimately the first time in three days I’ve opened my laptop. FERAS is over, and right now it all feels just like a tiring, fun, amazing, bittersweet dream.

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After a month of indescribable highs (refer to all my October posts, although I didn’t blog about our Phantom of the Opera experience last October 5) here comes the crash.

I’ve been feeling a little down lately. Don’t know if it’s the ol’ faithful Monthly bringing on her red-infused blues, but everything’s been feeling a little… lax? Less in expectation? I don’t know. It’s only the seventh of the month, and the second coming back from school. It’s too early to tell.

Hopefully, it won’t leak over until next week, which is the week of our school fair. I want all this sullen energy back up by then, y’hear, body?

For those following me for my more “mature”, less angsty, teenage-hormoney posts, I’m working on (or should start working on, yes, yes) Issue 2 of Project Bayani. We, we, we so excited.

Just read Koi Carreon’s Marco’s Delivery Service, and I promised him a review. I guess this is one of the first review-centric blog posts I’ll ever make?

Backstory, by the way. I first found out about Koi when I saw his spot in Kwentillion. I became interested in his comic because the cover was so striking – it almost looked like animation with its super neat lines and coloring and the retro pulp fiction feel. I became really intrigued with how the story went. I tried to comb through the Internet for any free copies of the comic, but I only found a review from Paolo Chikiamco, and the feedback on the writing wasn’t all that positive, at least for its printed issue – it’s already edited now, although I’m still curious to find out what the old version looked like. Hehehe.

So yesterday the gentlemen beside us introduced themselves politely. I saw the copies of Mythspace but I didn’t want to assume anything while Sir Paolo wasn’t there yet (LOL). This was actually how it went, non-verbatim:

Kuya Borg: Hi, what’s your name?
Me: Hi, I’m Patti! This is my friend Motzie. *points to Motzie* What’s yours?
Kuya Borg: My name is Borg, and this is Koi. *points to Kuya Koi*
Me: Koi, as in Koi Carreon? Woaaahhh.

So yeah, that was pretty weird and awesome at the same time. Also, one of the most difficult parts about being not-seventeen and aspiring to be in the komiks industry is what to call your “elders”. School starts to feel like it’s leaking out into “real life”.

Okay, enough babbling, here goes.

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Komikon. Usually I would start at the beginning, but now I’m at a loss. The road to Komikon was a weird and pretty hectic one, especially for my friend Motzie who had arranged much of the logistics part of the event on our behalf (i.e. buying the booth, getting the IPO certificate, etc.). Prior to the event I had my mom print out a tarp for us and Motzie printed out a hundred copies of Project Bayani (you could say we’re stocked up for a while). I’ve already gone through eight hours of sleep so far, and it seems like a really strange, busy dream right now.

So yes, I’ll try starting at the beginning.

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All pictures in this post (c) Trisha Sulit.

Here I am wondering how the past week floated by like a dream. It isn’t even seven on my clock (it will be by the time I publish this).

It’s the second day of sembreak – I miss school already (what a surprise, huh?), and listening to a song that sings, “now I’m worn out” makes it all the more sentimental. I’ve never felt this way about forty other people before and it’s a refreshing and melancholy surprise at the same time.

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