Mid-Week Meaning (personal)

Mood music.

Seeing as it’s the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year, I thought it would be appropriate to post my musings on the last couple of days.

I adore my class.


FRIDAY (which is technically how this wonderful week starts)

– Thought of doing something for the “mainstream” English class after noticing how bad they had it for their research paper. After debating if we should buy cupcakes or cake (considering both started with the letter “C” HAHA) I decided to just bake them, since we only had the formal theme writing on Monday.


– Baked cupcakes. It was really fun. I’ve never liked spending four hours straight in our kitchen the most.


– Met up with the other POEE peeps between homeroom period. Ian had been suggesting we sing for them but I was hesitant, even if we both came up with With A Smile by The Eraserheads. I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough time to present, with the officers talking about our Grad Ball being held in school (which I am for, actually).

– Everything ended up pretty cheesy, and I was pleased that Kira’s plan to bring up the cupcakes by saying “We wanted to cheer you up… especially since we heard that you all got C’s!”. Everyone’s reaction made me laugh so hard up on that platform, and when we brought out the cupcakes their “Ohh”s made me smile. I heard we made Sir Banjo cry, even. We passed around the cupcakes even though I thought we were gonna do it during Recess, then we had an impromptu class picture session. Feel good vibes so hard, especially since IV-8 loved the cupcakes and even if we had 44 to start with (there are 40 of us, plus Sir Banjo) it was all finished. Haha.


– Ian suggested we prank Sir Banjo during Econ and it was sort of a fail. Whatever, I like how he still let us go on with the prank even when he was aware.

– Bonded during the free time periods.

– We were all really hyper in class, basically. It was really funny, especially when what was happening to our classmate Tarde – who was being called on by every teacher in every subject – carried on into Twitter, and long story short she was being “mentioned” by someone who didn’t even teach us.


– BONDED EVEN MORE. I’m sorry I sound so freaking generic, it’s just that I can never put things down verbatim, especially the things that happen so suddenly. I don’t know. From having technical free time during Fil to having fun in Math for the first time ever to staying for consultation in IV-8 before the other peeps left and then going to the College Bazaar with Trisha.

I just have a really fuzzy feeling inside that I haven’t experienced in a long time. Two days until this week ends, and then it’s almost-Christmas break.


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