Thoughts About the Sky (a freeverse), and an Open Letter




Has the sky really been this beautiful all this time, or was it because I never thought to look up until now?

What a realization, I suppose, now that we’ve got sixteen days left before we’re “supposed” to say “goodbye” for good. Is that the way the world ends? Not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with Atlas exclaiming an acquiescent “Fuck it” and laying this big, blue, millennia-old exercise ball to rest, causing the ¬†pillars of the heavens to crash down all around our ears, all clouds and light and beauty coming forth to swallow us up.


Here’s my apology for being possibly/probably obnoxious, annoying, easily-angered, or useless these past few weeks. Life has been bullshitty at best, with me dragging along my body in a pathetic excuse to just be. And I realize none of you should have to suffer the consequences of that. The consequences of me?

I’m sorry that all I give anymore are apologies. That’s all I’m ever good for, at the worst of times, and I do nothing but worry and apologize when I can do something, anything, but then I end up not doing so and just doing what I do best and apologize even more.

But here is my apology anyway.

Last night, I slept at 11:00 in our clock (meaning that’s approximately around 10:30 in real life), and compared to my other friends and pretty much the rest of the batch that’s what 3 PM in the afternoon means to me. Time is being a bitch, hurrying up and slowing down at the very worst of times, and before you know it, it’s already left me out to dry. And nope, I haven’t even started on Issue 2 (I WILL SOON!).

LAST (Irrelevant) UPDATE.

Resolutions lead up to new appearances. Here’s my early New Year’s Resolution, which is to not necessarily lessen cursing, as evident in this most recent post. You who have been following me for a while now will know that I really do not curse very often on this blog. This is a first, perhaps. Therefore I also changed my blog layout to something more minimalist, especially since I only recently found out “Forever” is a theme made specifically for weddings. Nope, nope, no thanks.



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