You Grow Like Tornadoes. (personal)

This has been a crazy week.

I promised Motzie I’d start on Issue 2… two weeks ago. Time is going by way too fast for my taste. However, after last week’s bout of whatever-it-was that was eating me up, I feel much better knowing that my class doesn’t actually hate me. Yes, overreading. I’m very much aware.

I crawled through the quizzes, forms, projects these past six days and now I’m barely breathing. Well. I’ve taken in breaths, but up ’til now I could still feel the exhaustion in my bones and I can’t help but wonder if any of it will leave me any time soon.

I wonder if I’m allowed

Just to be

I could only gather what could be the fragments of this week.

Monday was Mandy and Vicky’s actual birthday, which we celebrated with a class lunch. By Tuesday I felt like I’ve been stripped of a couple of days of my youth because I was so tired. Wednesday, I talked and found out I’d only been problematizing myself all this time (as usual). Book Week started last Thursday, opened by a marvelous talk by Sir Bigs (and his lovely assistant Sir Castro). Ate at Chef Laudico’s Casa Filipino for my Grandpa’s birthday celebration, the food was amazing, but I was so sleepy, and my stomach had been used to so little consumption that I couldn’t appreciate as many helpings as I wanted to. Friday, I performed for Book Week alongside Sir JC and Simone Sales. I can still remember how my fingers shook as they flipped through the Powerpoint that I had so carefully constructed in the wee hours of the evening before. This was also the day that the class defended their business plans, which went much better than any of us expected. Everyone else told us that the panelists would be merciless in grilling us, but most of their complaints in our turn was about the product, and the fact that we were “sponsoring”. The whole class had  been rather worried about it, and it showed so much that Sir Banjo had to give us the last thirty minutes of his Econ class on Thursday for us because he “wasn’t feeling the IV-8 vibes”. I for one found it too sad to appreciate, because this is the second time that someone seemed less than satisfied with how our class was doing. I worry. But then, I always worry. Had an impromptu, one-hour Field Fridays with Corinne and Bless specifically, then went to Salon de Centro to get new bangs, shorter hair and cleaner nails.

Last night was the perfect outlet. It’s my third debut, and the first with really heavy drinking involved. Motzie’s had sweet wine. I told myself (and several of my friends) that I wouldn’t go all-out with the alcohol just yet, because most of them were already accustomed to that kind of thing and I didn’t want to make myself look like a stick in the mud (ew, who uses that anymore) on the day itself. I only tried a couple of drinks but practically gorged myself on the pica-pica (there was a lot). I suppose I should thank God that they ran out of Bailey’s or I indeed would’ve been drunk for the first time. Okay, I’ll stop before you start laughing at me for being such a n00b.

Anyway, it was an eventful night. I’m so glad to have seen my Yellow friends, particularly Anna, Roxie, and Erk, although I hung out with my Blue friends for most of the night. Also finally met Mint. I have to admit I was rather awkward for the majority of the evening, though. Clouded judgment, or?


My friends will probably kill me for posting their faces on here, but photographer Trisha Sulit says ‘s all good.

Like I said, time is going by way too fast, but last night proves that I have the ability to get used to it. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. We’ll see.


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